Grand Rapids Comic Con

So last Saturday was our public debut, at Grand Rapids Comic Con’s inaugural year. It went great. We sold a ton of stickers, almost all of our artists were commissioned, and we almost broke even. Not bad for a first year. Unfortunately the con was only one day long. If it had been two, we would’ve sold out of almost everything we had.

The con actually ended up being larger than anyone expected, with 3000+ people waiting in line outside in the parking lot. Next year it will hopefully be at a much larger venue, and will hopefully be longer than the one day. We intend to get two tables next year so we have two artists available for commissions at once and still have plenty of space to show off products. This was a great learning experience, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Next year (and our next con in general) we’ll be much better prepared and things will be even greater.

Here’s a photo of our booth set up early in the morning. (I’m sorry it’s blurry, my phone wasn’t focusing and I didn’t notice ’til it was too late.) Featuring Alysha and Lindsay.


If you didn’t make it to the convention but would still like to buy some of our leftover stock, please email me at with a subject of Extra Con Stock and we’ll arrange something. I will be adding a Square store to the list of places to buy our work online soon.

To everyone who stopped by our booth, thank you very much for your support. To those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at our next convention. In the meantime, now that the convention preparation is over, all of our artists are looking for new projects and would be delighted to work with you. Please send me an email if you’d like to hire any of them.


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